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The Norsk ordbank is a large word/inflection database for Norwegian (both Nynorsk and Bokmål). The licence is GPL.


The same tags are used in ordbanken as in the Oslo-Bergen tagger.

Ordbanken Apertium Gloss
subst n Noun (substantive)
adj adj Adjective
verb vblex Verb
subst <gender> prop np.<gender> Proper noun
subst <gender> appell n.<gender> Common noun (see Noun)
fork acr Acronym
inf-merke part Participle / infinitive marker
Ordbanken Apertium Gloss
fem f Feminine
nøyt nt Neuter
mask m Masculine
m/f mf Masculine/feminine
Ordbanken Apertium Gloss
pres-part pprs Present participle
perf-part vblex pp Perfect participle (verb)
pres pres Present tense
pret pret Past tense
imp imp Imperative
inf inf Infinitive
pass pass Bokmål passive
st-form pst Nynorsk passive -st form
<st-verb> pstv Verbs ending in -st (Nynorsk, cognate with st-forms)
Ordbanken Apertium Gloss
pos posi Positive
komp comp Comparative
sup sup Superlative
<ordenstal> ord Ordinal
<ordenstall> ord Ordinal
<perf-part> adj pp Perfect participle (adjective)
Ordbanken Apertium Gloss
nom nom Nominative
akk acc Accusative
gen gen Genitive
Ordbanken Apertium Gloss
bu def Definite
be def Definite
ub ind Indefinite
Ordbanken Apertium Gloss
eint sg Singular
ent sg Singular
fl pl Plural
Ordbanken Apertium Gloss
sbu cnjsub Subordinating conjunction
konj cnjcoo Coordinating conjunction
Ordbanken Apertium Gloss
kvant qnt Quantifier
sp itg Interrogative
forst emph Emphatic (determiner)
refl ref Reflexive
Ordbanken Apertium Gloss
<komma> cm Comma
<spm>, <punkt>, <kolon> sent Sentence ending
clb clb Clause boundary
<parentes-beg> lpar Left parenthesis
<parentes-slutt> rpar Right parenthesis

Example output from the multitagger (dictionary)[edit]

sitje  setne     adj   <perf-part>  bu          eint
sitje  setne     adj   <perf-part>  fl
sitje  seti      adj   <perf-part>  fem         ub       eint
sitje  seten     adj   <perf-part>  m/f         ub       eint
sitje  sete      adj   <perf-part>  nøyt        ub       eint
sitje  seti      adj   <perf-part>  nøyt        ub       eint
sitje  sitjande  adj   <pres-part>
sitje  sit       verb  imp
sitje  sitja     verb  inf
sitje  sitje     verb  inf
sitje  sitjast   verb  inf          pres        st-form
sitje  sete      verb  perf-part
sitje  seti      verb  perf-part
sitje  sit       verb  pres
sitje  siter     verb  pres         klammeform
sitje  sitt      verb  pres         klammeform
sitje  sitter    verb  pres         klammeform
sitje  sat       verb  pret

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