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Family: Baltic
ISO Codes: lt / lit / lit
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  • positive degree: nelyginamasis laipsnis
  • comparative degree: aukštesnysis laipsnis
  • attenuated degree: aukštlesnysis laipsnis
  • superlative degree: aukšciausiasis laipsnis


Mood/Tense Present Simple past Frequentive past Future
Indicative pri past pfi fti
Imperative imp - - -
Subjunctive prs - - -
Participle Symbol Example Gloss
Present active vblex.pp.act.pres valgąs/valganti the one who is eating
Past active vblex.pp.act.past valgęs/valgiusi the one who has eaten
Frequentative past active vblex.pp.act.ppf valgydavęs/valgydavusi the one who used to eat
Future active vblex.pp.act.fut valgysiąs/valgysianti the one who will eat"/"the one who will be eating
Adverbial present active vblex.pp.act.apr valgant while eating
Adverbial past active vblex.pp.act.aps valgius after having eaten
Adverbial future active vblex.pp.act.fut valgysiant having to eat
Special adverbial present active vblex.pp.act.pres valgydamas/valgydama eating
Present passive vblex.pp.pass.pres valgomas/valgoma something that is being eaten
Past passive vblex.pp.pass.past valgytas/valgyta something that has been eaten
Future passive vblex.pp.pass.fut valgysimas/valgysima something that will be eaten
Adverbial frequentative past vblex.pp.aqp valgydavus after having eaten repeatedly
Participle of necessity valgytinas/valgytina something to be eaten