Ideas for Google Summer of Code/Visualization tools

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This project is very open-ended and whoever does it will have a great deal of say about which direction to take the project. Possible directions include:

  • Generating written explanations of what rules are doing
  • Drawing pictorial representations of rules
  • Tracing the execution of a set of rules
  • ... or any combination of the above

You could also reasonably expand this project to include working on specialized editor modes (emacs, vim, atom, etc) or linters.

Coding Challenge[edit]

Create a tool like that works for monodix files (that is, it takes a dictionary and generates a graph of paradigms, optionally tracing which paradigms are involved in generating a particular form)

Further Links[edit] has parsers for most of the file formats in Apertium and it has been determined that their bindings are definitely usable in Rust and Python and other languages probably work too. a linter

Emacs for the current state of specialized editor modes