Google Summer of Code/Review process

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How the review process works in Apertium:

  • Students submit proposals until the deadline
  • Students and mentors match up
  • Proposals that have mentors are put into a spreadsheet
  • Each proposal is ranked by all of the mentors, mentors submit their ranking at any point during the review period
  • The ranking period / review process closes some time before Google slot requests are due
  • The mentors' ranks are averaged and the result is sent to the PMC for review
  • The PMC may make changes, and a number of slots is requested from Google
  • The top students are accepted, where is the number of slots we get from Google

What this means for students:

  • You must submit your proposal to Google before the deadline
  • You should actively try and find a mentor among Apertium contributors
  • You can submit a proposal with an incomplete coding challenge, and you have the length of the review process (see above) to finish it, but the longer it remains incomplete, the more mentors will have reviewed your proposal.