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Organization Name
  • The Apertium project
  • The Apertium project develops a free/open-source platform for machine translation and language technology. We try and focus our efforts on lesser-resourced and marginalised languages, but also work with larger languages.
  • The platform, including data for a large number of language pairs, a translation engine and auxiliary tools is being developed around the world, largely in universities and companies (e.g. Prompsit Language Engineering), but also independent free-software developers play a huge role.
  • There are currently 25 published language pairs within the project (including a number of "firsts" — for example Spanish—Occitan, Breton—French, and Basque—Spanish among others), and several more in development.
Home page
Main Organization License
  • GNU GPL 2.0/3.0
Why has your org chosen to participate in Google Code-in?
  • We have had in the past a number of pre-university students participating in the project and making very useful contributions. We have also had the same students making enquiries about Google Summer of Code, which unfortunately they could not participate in.
  • As a project founded in academia, it is quite important to us to instill in future students a love for programming. In addition, a number of our contributors are parents of children within the age bracket for Google Code-In, and will be encouraging them to seek out projects from the other organisations; we hope to receive the same sort of referrals from other parents in other organisations.
  • Languages survive or die out depending on children speaking them, as we mention in our introductory statement, our project has a particular focus on lesser-resourced and marginalised languages. Getting kids excited about their language in technology and on the internet is an important part of our work.
Please list the years your organization has participated in Google Summer of Code.
  • 2009, 2010
What is the main development mailing list for your organization? This question will be shown to students who would like to get more information about applying to your organization for Google Code-in 2010-11. If your organization uses more than one list, please make sure to include a description of the list so students know which to use.
What is the main IRC channel for your organization?
  • #apertium on
Please provide a link to your task ideas page. This is much like the ideas page for Google Summer of Code but should include tasks in all of the 8 categories sorted by difficulty level.
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