Compiling the North Saami - Inari Saami translator

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This documentation works for any language pair in the Giella infrastructure (cf, especially on how to get started, see also the documentation on machine translation). Exchange sme and smn with the lang1 and lang2 codes (taken from the obvious order apertium-lang1-lang2) in the commands below.

You must have checked out and set up sme (lang1) and smn (lang2) in a version of the Giella infrastructure, and compiled these two languages with the following setup (commands given in their respective folders sme and smn):

 ./configure --with-hfst --enable-apertium --enable-reversed-intersect && make -j

Given that this is set up, go to the apertium-sme-smn catalogue (downloaded from github), and do:

./configure--with-lang1=/path/to/giellatekno/langs/sme/tools/mt/apertium --with-lang2=/path/to/giellatekno/langs/smn/tools/mt/apertium


To test the setup, do:

echo "sámit" | apertium -d . sme-smn-dgen