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separable-word gloss word sample sentence gloss sentence
拿出 Take Out 拿这个东西出来/把这个东西拿出来 Take this thing out/Take out this thing
打气 Blow Up 给这球打气/给这个打上气 Blow up this ball/Blow this ball up
提上 Bring Up 把这个东西提上去/提这个上去 Bring up this thing/Bring this thing up
拉下 Pull Down 把这个东西拉下来/拉这个下去 Pull down this thing/Pull this thing down
拿上 Take Up 把这个东西拿上去/拿这个上去 Take up this thing/Take this thing up
放下 Put Down 把这个东西放下去/放我下来 Put down this thing/Put me down!
拿下 Take Down 把这个东西拿下/拿这个下去 Take down this thing/Take this thing down
放上 Put Up 把这个东西放上去/放这个上去 Put up this thing/Put this thing up
拉上 Pull Up 把这个东西拉上去/拉这个上去 Pull up this thing/Pull this thing up
推上 Push Up 把这个东西推上去/推这个上去 Push up this thing/Push this thing up
推下 Push Down 把这个东西推下去/推这个下去 Push down this thing/Push this thing down
提下 Bring Down 把这个东西提下去/提这个下去 Bring down this thing/Bring this thing down
抬上 Lift Up 把这个东西抬上去/抬这个上去 Lift up this thing/Lift this thing up
抬下 Lift Down 把这个东西抬下去/抬这个下去 Lift down this thing/Lift this thing down
扔上 Throw Up 把这个东西扔上去/扔这上去 Throw up this thing/Throw this thing up
扔下 Throw Down (object) 把这个东西扔下去/扔这个下去 Throw down this thing/Throw this thing down
省了 Saved 你省了多少钱/省多少钱了 How much have you saved/how much money have you saved
废了 Wasted 你废了多少钱/废多少钱了 How much have you wasted/how much money have you wasted
画了 Drew 这个画了/这个画过了 I’ve drawn this/I’ve drew this before
花了 Spend 你花了多少钱/花多少钱了 How much have you spent/How much did you spend
借了 Borrowed 你借了多少钱/借多少钱了 How much have you borrowed/What is the amount you borrowed
结婚 Married 我结了婚/我要结婚了 I’ve married/I’m marrying
掉了 Dropped 掉什么了/我的书包掉了 What have you dropped/I dropped my bag
丢了 Lost 丢什么了/我的书包丢了 What have you lost/I lost my bag
递给 Hand to 把这个递给他/递这个给他 Hand this to them/Hand to them
拿给 Give to/Take to 把这个拿给他/拿这个给他 Take this to them/Take this for them
交给 Give to 把这个交给他/交这个给他 Give to him/Give it to him
转给 Forward to 把这个转给他/转这个文件给他 Forward to him/Forward this file to him
发给 Send to 把这个发给他/发这个给他 Send to him/Send this to him
按了 Press 这个钮已经按了/按那个地方了吗 I’ve pressed this button/Have you pressed there
给压 Give Pressure/Stress 给你压力/在这个地方给压 Giving you pressure/Press this place
打给 Hit to 把球打给他/打这个球给他 Hit the ball to him/(the ball) Hit to him
扔给 Throw To 把这个球扔给他/仍这个球给他 Throw this ball to him/Throw to him
拉给 Pull to 把这个拉给他/拉这个给他 Pull this to him/Pull to him
抬给 Lift to 把这个抬给他/抬这个给他 Lift this for/to him/Lift to him
推给 Push to 把这个推给他/推这个给他 Push this to him/Push to him
掉给 Drop to 把这个掉给他/掉这个给他 Drop this to him/Drop to him
关了 Closed 窗户关了/我关窗户了 The windows have been closed/I’ve closed the windows
开了 Opened/Turned on 电视开了/开电视了 The TV is on/I’ve turned on the TV
读了 Read 书读了/我读书了 The book has been read/I’ve read the book
看了 Looked/seen 书看了/我看书了 The book has been seen/I’ve seen the book
听了 Heard/listened 音乐听了/我听音乐了 The music has been listened to/I’ve listened to music
写了 Wrote 作业写了/我写完作业了 I’ve written the homework/I wrote my homework
录了 Recorded 我录了音乐/我录音乐了 I Recorded music/I’ve recorded music
谈了 Talked About 谈了生意/我谈生意了 We talked about business/I talked business
弹了 Played 弹了钢琴/我弹钢琴了 I played piano/I’ve played piano
吹了 Blew /played 吹了长笛/我吹长笛了 I blew/played the flute/I’ve played/blew the flute