Apertium on Alpine Linux

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This page was written by Jatin Luthra, a 2016 Google Code-in student, which explains how to install Apertium on Alpine Linux

Update the Package List[edit]

To install the packages, first packages list should be updated. To install, open the terminal and type

apk update

Install Dependencies[edit]

For Standard Apertium Translation

apk add make gcc g++ subversion autoconf automake libtool flex pcre pcre-dev libpcrecpp libxml2 libxml2-utils libxslt libxslt-dev

If you need vislcg3/cg-proc/cg-comp (Constraint Grammar), you should also do:

apk add cmake icu-dev boost-dev gperf iperf gawk zlib-dev

Compiling and Installing Apertium[edit]

Now you can move on to Minimal_installation_from_SVN.