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This is a general to-do list for the Apertium Turkic working group.


This section outlines what's left to get http://turkic.apertium.com/ up and running.

software infrastructure[edit]

optional: spell checker and language detection stuff[edit]

what to include[edit]

make the following pairs available to the site:

  • pairs: kaz-tat, tur-kir, kaz-kir, tat-bak, kaz-kaa, tuk-tur?, tur-uzb?, kaz-eng?
  • transducers: kaz, tat, kir, tur, bak, chv, kum, nog, kaa, uzb?, tuk?



  • consider including the web concordancer on the site (and consider what corpora to provide search access to...)

Things that need to be figured out[edit]

Issues introduced by new build process[edit]

  • How can we do single-category testvoc now?
    • Since Turkic languages have very few paradigms, we can just use a representative stem for each paradigm and do a testvoc on that prefix of the source-language transducer. Instructions to come.
  • How can we make vanilla transducers (without MT-specific "wrong" POSes)
    • The problem is that "! Use/xxx-yyy" lines can't just be grepped out in the vanilla transducer anymore, since those are needed for the xxx-yyy transducers. That is, we're no longer just copying the lexc file, but copying the full transducer (no trimming before compilation), and trimming the transducer directly (based on the bidix) for use in pairs. Ideas: Apertium Turkic/Use/MT
  • How can we count trimmed stems?
    • Counting unique stems on each side of the bidix should give us the equivalent.