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Note: After Apertium's migration to GitHub, this tool is read-only on the SourceForge repository and does not exist on GitHub. If you are interested in migrating this tool to GitHub, see Migrating tools to GitHub.

The module apertium-pn-recogniser detects proper nouns in the input and marks them as unknown words so that the rest of the modules in the pipeline do not process them. This avoids the common case of wrong translations of source-language proper nouns which are also common nouns (or other parts-of-speech) according to the dictionaries. The proper noun recogniser is mainly based on the one already included in the Freeling project.

The proper noun recogniser must be invoked between the tagger and the transfer modules. Option -p is needed in the tagger, so a version from Apertium greater or equal to 3.1.0 is needed.

Check out from SVN with:

svn co https://svn.code.sf.net/p/apertium/svn/trunk/apertium-pn-recogniser

See also Named entity recognition