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Latin - lingua latīna
language transducer
Coverage: ~N/A%
Stems: 876
Vanilla stems: 15
Paradigms: 30
Location: apertium-lat (incubator)
Families: Romance languages
Lang info Latin

Apertium-lat is a morphological transducer (analyser/generator) for Latin, currently under development. It is intended to be compatible with other Apertium transducers so that they can be translated between. It's used in the following translation pairs, which are all currently in early development (in the incubator):


Apertium-lat is currently located in incubator/apertium-lat. To download it, use SVN:

svn co https://svn.code.sf.net/p/apertium/svn/incubator/apertium-lat/

Apertium development prerequisites must be installed in order to compile apertium-lat.

To compile (after installing apertium), run


To test, run e.g.

echo "Area est mensura geometrica." | apertium -d . lat-morph

The current output is

^Area/area<n><f><sg><abl>/area<n><f><sg><voc>/area<n><f><sg><nom>$ ^est/esse<vbser><pri><p3><sg>$ ^mensura/*mensura$ ^geometrica/*geometrica$^./.<sent>$^./.<sent>$

The * symbol indicates a form that's missing in the transducer, the first / symbol separates a form from analyses of it, and subsequent slashes separate multiple analyses.


Feel free to contact the original developer (gianluca [at] ggrossi.com) or the Apertium community with questions.