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This objective of this task is to convert tables of inflectional information on Wiktionary into a format useful for Apertium, e.g. speling format.


For example, take the Bulgarian noun вода, the page on Wiktionary for вода has the inflection information for Bulgarian. The table looks something like:

Singular Plural
indefinite вода води
definite водата водите
vocative водо води

The equivalent in speling format would be:

вода; вода; sg.ind; n.f
вода; водата; sg.def; n.f
вода; водо; sg.voc; n.f
вода; води; pl.ind; n.f
вода; водите; pl.def; n.f
вода; води; pl.voc; n.f

Where n.f means "noun, feminine" (this information will also typically be on the Wiktionary page).

Note: for most parts of speech, the fourth column will just have the part of speech alone, and all other sub-tags in the third column, e.g. adjectives look like

vacker; vackert; abs.ind.sg.nt; adj
vacker; vackra; abs.pl; adj

See User:Wei2912's Crawler if you want to build on some previous work.