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Translating from English to Spanish

Apertium-Caffeine is a multi-platform Java application built on top of lttoolbox-java that translates as you type.


  • Java 6 or better

And that's all! Apertium-Caffeine can work on any platform (Linux, OS X or Windows), and it does NOT require installing apertium, lttoolbox or lttoolbox-java.


Download apertium-caffeine.jar from https://github.com/apertium/apertium-caffeine/releases and launch it by simply double clicking on it. If that is not working for you, try running it from the command line:

java -jar apertium-caffeine.jar

The first time that you run it, it will ask you where to save language pair packages, and offer the possibility to install the ones you want.

Supported language pairs

Installing language pairs

Apertium-Caffeine offers the possibility to install, uninstall and update language pairs within the application. This feature is supported for all the 25 released pairs for which ready-to-use packages are maintained.

Unreleased language pairs or language pairs with external dependencies (for instance, the 6 released language pairs that depend on CG) are also supported. However, ready-to-use packages are not maintained for these pairs, so you will need to create the packages by yourself, and copy them to the directory in which you have the rest of the packages. Note that, for the language pairs with external dependencies, you will need to install those dependencies first. For instance, you will need to install CG for the pairs that depend on it.

Translation 'behind the scenes'

Consider using Apertium-viewer if you want to get into how translation is actually done, behind the scenes, or if you consider improving a language pair