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Daniel Huang, Google Code In 2012
Here are some resources for the Qashqai/Kashkai/Kashkay language:


[edit] General

[edit] Printed materials on Qashqai

  • [L. Beck, The Qashqa’i People of Southern Iran, Los Angeles, 1981]
  • [Idem, The Qashqa’i of Iran, New Haven, 1986.]
  • [É. Á. Csató Johanson, “Present in Kashkay,” Turkic Languages, 2001, pp. 104-19.]
  • [Idem, “On Copying in Kashkay,” in Linguistic Convergence and Areal Diffusion: Case Studies from Iranian, Semitic and Turkic, ed. É. Á. Csató, Bo Isaksson, and C. Jahani, London, 2005, pp. 271-83.]
  • [O. Garrod, “The Qashqai Tribe of Fars,” JRAS 33, 1946, pp. 293-306.]
  • [K. H. Menges, “Research in the Turkic Dialects of Iran (Preliminary Report on a Trip to Persia),” Oriens, 1951, pp. 273-79.]

[edit] Qashqai Media

[edit] Other

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