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Omorfi (Open Morphology of Finnish) is a computational morphology of Finnish written using HFST.

[edit] Requirements

You will need HFST installed, you can follow the instructions on the HFST page.

[edit] Download

The following commands will download and prepare the build for OMorFi.

$ git clone https://github.com/flammie/omorfi
$ cd omorfi/
$ ./autogen.sh
$ ./configure

In case autogen.sh does not work, do report a bug (autoreconf -i should work just as well in the meantime).

[edit] Compilation

You need at least 1.5Gb RAM to compile Omorfi, or be willing to let your machine sit around trashing for some hours.

$ make

This will compile everything.

To prepare source code for new apertium language pair, use src/scripts/omor2apertium.sh... or just copy one from an existing pair, such as apertium-fin-eng.

[edit] Usage

After compiling, you can test it with the hfst-lookup program.

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