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jEdit is a FOSS programmer's editor with a good XML plugin that does validation. It's written in Java, and runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

[edit] Set up validation

To set up full validation of Apertium .dix dictionary files:

  1. install jEdit (sudo apt-get install jedit on Ubuntu)
  2. start jedit and click Plugins→Plugin Manager, click the Install tab, wait for the list to fill up, and tick XML and click Install
  3. click Plugins→XML→Translate Schema using Trang
  4. for Input path, choose the file "dix.dtd" in the folder trunk/apertium/apertium/ (it might also be in /usr/local/share/apertium/ if you installed apertium to the standard path, or you could get it from
  5. for Input type, select DTD
  6. for Output type, select RNG
  7. for Output path, select some folder in your home directory and type "dix.rng"; click OK

To automatically use dix.rng on opening a .dix file, open ~/.jedit/plugins/xml.XmlPlugin/schemas.xml and paste something like this into it

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<locatingRules xmlns="">
  <typeId id="dix" uri="/path/to/where/you/stored/dix.rng"/>
  <documentElement localName="dictionary" typeId="dix"/>
  <uri pattern="*.dix" typeId="dix"/>
  <!-- Included by jEdit by default: -->
  <include rules="jeditresource:/XML.jar!/xml/dtds/schemas.xml" />

[edit] Validate and error check a dix file

Opening a .dix file should now automatically associate it with dix.rng, giving error-checking and validation.

If you see that obvious errors not detected after opening a dix file, click Plugins→XML→Set Schema, and open the "dix.rng" file you created in the previous step. This might happen if the path is wrong in the schema.xml file shown above.

Clicking Plugins→Sidekick→Sidekick and the Parse button will give you an updated "tree view" of your XML file.

Clicking Plugins→ErrorList→Error List will show you a list of XML validation errors.

[edit] Automatically re-parse

Under Plugins→Sidekick you can tick off "Parse on Keystroke" to automatically re-parse the XML (and find errors) for every keystroke. Since parsing can slow down your computer a bit, you might want to make it so it waits a couple of seconds after the last keystroke before parsing. Open Plugins→Plugin Options and double-click Sidekick→Generate. Where it says "After last keystroke, wait (seconds)", increase the slider to 3.0.

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