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Helsinki Apertium Workshop/Programme

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Day Time Section Content
  13th May    09:00—09:30    0: Overview   Getting to know each other
 09:30—10:30    General introduction: Machine translation
 10:30—11:00  Coffee break
 11:00—12:00    Introduction: The Apertium machine-translation platform
 12:00—13:00    Practical: Installing Apertium and creating a language pair
 13:00—14:00  Lunch
 14:00—14:30    1: Basic dictionaries   Theory: Morphology and morphotactics
 14:30—15:00  Coffee break
 15:00—17:00    Practical: Paradigms and continuation lexica
  14th May    09:00—10:00    2: Advanced dictionaries   Practical: Creating dictionaries
 10:00—11:30    Theory: Morphophonology
 11:30—12:00  Coffee break
 12:00—13:00    Practical: Working on morphology
 13:00—14:00  Lunch
 14:00—14:30    3: Morphological disambiguation   Theory: Morphological and syntactic disambiguation
 14:30—15:00  Coffee break
 15:00—17:00    Practical: Writing rules for morphological disambiguation
  15th May    09:00—09:30    4: Lexical transfer   Practical: Dictionary work
 09:30—10:00    Theory: Lexical transfer
 10:00—11:00    Practical: Work on bilingual dictionaries
 11:00—11:30  Coffee break
 11:30—12:00    Theory: Lexical selection
 12:00—13:00    Practical: Working on lexical selection
 13:00—14:00  Lunch
 14:00—14:30    5: Structural transfer   Theory: Basic structural transfer
 14:30—15:00  Coffee break
 15:00—17:00    Practical: Writing rules for structural transfer
  16th May    09:00—9:30    6: Multi-level structural transfer   Теория: Multi-level structural transfer
 09:30—11:00    Practical: Writing transfer rules
 11:00—11:30  Coffee break
 11:30—13:00    Practical: Writing transfer rules
 13:00—14:00  Lunch
 14:00—15:00    6: Multi-level structural transfer   Discussion: Uralic comparative grammar
 15:00—15:30  Coffee break
 15:30—17:00    Practical: Writing transfer rules
  17th May    09:00—09:30    7: Data consistency, quality and evaluation   Theory: Data consistency, quality and evaluation
 09:30—11:00    Practical: Finding and fixing errors
 11:00—11:30  Coffee break
 11:30—13:00    Practical: Finding and fixing errors
 13:00—14:00  Lunch
 14:00—14:30    8: Project planning, questions and answers   Theory: Project planning, questions and answers
 14:30—15:00    Practical: Finding and fixing errors
 15:00—17:00    Conclusion: Round table on making machine translation systems

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