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Arabic is a semitic language (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamito-Semitic).

Language pairs:

Developing other semitic language pairs with Arabic would be a good idea (e.g. Tamazight).

[edit] Resources

  • Sarf - Arabic Morphology System (all in Java...)
  • ElixirFM (online interface here) is a Functional Arabic Morphology written in Haskell and Perl; the lexicon is a "re-processed" version of the Buckwalter analyser.
  • There is a good documentation of how to make a morphological analyser for Arabic (and Semitic languages in general) in the Beesley/Karttunen finite state transducer book, documenting the Xerox compiler (Ken Beesley also made an Arabic fst). Also, there now is an open source compiler reading the Xerox format, the HFST compiler.
  • And there is also an open source finite state morphological analyser for Arabic, AraComLex (online interface here). Among other resources related to AraComLex there is a list of Arabic morphological patterns and a frequency word list from a 1 billion word corpus.
  • Arabic Reference by Hans Wehr with form I vowelling, masadir (infinitives), broken plurals

[edit] Wordnet and dbpedia

[edit] Corpora

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