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Русский язык

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У нас есть много проектов на русском языке.

Задача скоро сделать: Скоординируйте морфологические и морфофонологические файлы для русского языка в различных каталогах, и решите, которые основные.

The primary morphological and morphophonological files for Russian are in the catalogue apertium/languages/apertium-rus, and the different Russian analysers in the language pair catalogues are drawn from that one.

[edit] List of pairs in Apertium with Russian

See also: List of language pairs

  1. nursery: udm -ru: Udmurt-Russian
  2. nursery: bhs-rus: Serbo-Croatian-Russian
  3. eo-ru: Esperanto-Russian
  4. bg-ru: Bulgarian-Russian
  5. cv-ru: Chuvash-Russian
  6. kv-ru: Komi-Russian
  7. pl-ru: Polish-Russian
  8. ru-cu: Church Slavonic-Russian
  9. ru-en: Russian-English
  10. ru-uk: Russian-Ukranian
  11. tt-ru: Tatar-Russian

[edit] Tagset

Apertium Giellatekno Description Пример
<n> +N имя существительное дом
<vblex> +V глагол учить
<p1> -
<p1><sg> +Sg1
<np> +N+Prop
- +Prop
<ij> +Interj
<cnjcoo> +CC
<cnjsub> +CS
<adv> +Adv
<adj> +A
<pr> +Pr
<post> +Po
<num> +Num
<prn> +Pron
<pers> +Pers
<dem> +Dem
<itg> +Interr
<ref> +Refl
<coll> +Coll
- +MWE
<impf> +Impf
<perf> +Perf
<tv> +TV
<iv> +IV
<sg> +Sg
<pl> +Pl
<m> +Msc
<f> +Fem
<nt> +Neu
<nom> +Nom
<acc> +Acc
<dat> +Dat
<gen> +Gen
<ins> +Ins
<prp> +Loc
<par> +Gen2
<loc> +Loc2, +Loc2na, +Loc2v
<voc> +Voc
<nn> +Inan
<aa> +Anim
<an> -
<ord> +Ord
<comp> +Cmpar
<pos> +Poss
- +PObj
<past> +Past
<pres> +Prs
<fut> +Fut
<inf> +Inf

[edit] See also

[edit] External links

The SVN modules marked *** have the most developed Russian analysers.

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