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  • Fix multiword verbs in bilingual dictionary -- and add ones non-existent in English dictionary to that dictionary
  • Remove items which are in English dictionary but not Welsh/Bilingual
  • Fix verb conjugation in the Welsh analyser
  • Add restrictions in the bidix
  • Fix numbers
  • Add adverbs
  • More thorough handling of contractions (i'ch, a'u, ...) — including preblank
  • Add pre-verbal particles (basic functionality)
  • Add adjective macro to all chunks


apertium-cy-en 0.1[edit]

  • 8,000 of the highest frequency words in each dictionary.
  • Rules dealing with basic verb tenses (past, present, future)
  • Basic word re-ordering for simple phrases.
Aims and uses
  • For a non-native speaker to be able to discern the topic of a general news item.
  • To be able to identify who said what to who.
  • To be able to distinguish is a particular item is interesting enough to be translated properly.
  • Sentences of up to 5 words should be translated reasonably well from Welsh to English.
  • Coverage:
    • Wikipedia (753,741 words): 85.5%
    • PNAW (11,684,177 words): 94%
    • BBC Newyddion (144,887 words): 91%

apertium-cy-en 0.2[edit]

  • 0.1 performance and coverage for English to Welsh.

apertium-cy-en 0.5[edit]

  • Properly capitalised sentences.
  • Get the number for nouns from the appropriate place. e.g. sometimes from the det, sometimes from the noun.

apertium-cy-en 1.0[edit]

  • Handling of gender and number in adjectives