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The Russian and Ukrainian pair is currently in the nursery at See minimal installation from SVN for details on how to install it.

Pending tasks[edit]



Missing genitive

e.g. мрія - мечта

Partitive / Locative

e.g. в лесу, много соку(?)

Proper (human) names[edit]

Personal names are translated between Ukrainian and Russian. The Ukrainian Wikipedia's guidelines says:

In addition, the Russian Wikipedia uses Russian versions of Ukrainian names, e.g. Виктор Андреевич Ющенко for Віктор Андрійович Ющенко

Noun and adverb/preposition ambiguity[edit]

протягом -> сквозняком/в течение

разом -> разом/вместе

загалом -> массой/в общем

справа -> дело/справа


<jimregan> hitting random pages on uk.wikisource, it takes a long time to *not* find something 
<jimregan> with a ru.wikisource equivalent, so break out the sentence aligners

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