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Installation on Fedora[edit]

I myself (as well as many others) have had problems with installing apertium on Fedora. This is mostly because of pkg-config. I can't really help much on how to get it to work other than point out things that are mentioned before:

  • Making sure that you're installing it as root (!)
  • Make sure that PKG_CONFIG_PATH is set correctly (you can check this with echo $PKG_CONFIG_PATH). For some reason the default was blank for me so I had to set it manually with export. However even after doing this pkg-config still might not find the package because it's being stupid of some unknown cause.
  • The usual way to install it (especially if you're getting the files from svn) is
    • ./
    • make
    • make install

This may sound a bit obvious for some people but the ./ instead of ./configure threw me off a bit.

I've finally managed to install apertium however and is now working great (as you can see with the bot Bendigeidfran on #apertium).

I would like to know what version of pkg-config there is on other distros. I have Fedora 10 (yes I know I'm two versions behind) and the package manager there is on version 0.23 (which is apparently the latest one for this distro). If ubuntu/debian use a more recent version then that probably might explain why pkg-config is being unpredictable on fedora. --Afal 13:54, 27 March 2010 (UTC)

Debian has 0.22 :| -- Francis Tyers 15:22, 27 March 2010 (UTC)