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Trmorph is a GPL morphological analyser and generator for Turkish that can be compiled with HFST.

Current State[edit]

  • Number of stems: 37,300
  • Coverage: ~90.6%
corpus words coverage
SETimes 4.1M ~90.6%


$ git clone trmorph

You should have a directory now called trmorph/, switch into it, and run the following command:

$ cd trmorph/

Now switch to the apertium branch:

$ git checkout apertium

Then do:

$ FSTC=hfst make

This should build the transducer trmorph.a, now you need to turn that into a format suitable for use with hfst-proc

$ hfst-invert -i trmorph.a | hfst-fst2fst -O -o tr.automorf.hfst

If you want a generator, you can simply do:

$ hfst-fst2fst -O -i trmorph.a -o tr.autogen.hfst


You can use it, as with other HFST compatible transducers with hfst-proc:

$ echo "Römorkör, büyük tekneleri iterek veya çekerek manevra yapmalarına yardımcı olur. " | hfst-proc tr.automorf.hfst
^çekerek/çek<v><cv>/çekerek<np>/çekerek<np><3s>$ ^manevra/manevra<n>/manevra<n><3s>$ 



$ git pull origin <branchname>

Switch branch[edit]

$ git checkout apertium
Switched to branch 'apertium'
Your branch is behind 'origin/apertium' by 11 commits, and can be fast-forwarded.

$ git pull origin apertium