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Example of the HFST Tatar morphology from apertium-tat used in Libre Office with libvoikko.
Example of the lttoolbox Icelandic morphology from apertium-is-en used in Open Office with libvoikko. This is still experimental. Blue underlines due to Finnish grammar checking.

It is possible to use morphologies created in the Apertium platform directly as spellcheckers using the libvoikko and libreoffice-voikko extension.

Quick how-to[edit]

See Using Apertium spellers with LibreOffice-Voikko on Debian.



You can use the morphological dictionaries in Apertium as spell checkers through libvoikko. According to this:

You can install openoffice.org-voikko directly from Debian [sid] main, it is new enough to support morphology variant selection and works with SVN versions of libvoikko just fine.

Once you have compiled the modified version of libvoikko and placed the required files in ~/.voikko/2/mor-apertium you can start OOo with

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/modified/libvoikko/lib oowriter

Then go to Tools->Options->Language Settings->Voikko, from the Vocabulary drop down box select "apertium: Experimental Lttoolbox morphology" and click OK. After that any text marked as being in Finnish will be spellchecked with Lttoolbox.