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Apertium-kaz-kir is a development Kazakh-Kyrgyz translation pair in incubator/apertium-kaz-kir.


 apertium-kaz-kir$ echo "Ауа райы бүгін әбден жақсы, жылы. Бірақ кеше өте суық еді." | apertium -d . kaz-kir
 Аба ырайы бүгүн абдан жакшы, жылуу. Бирок кечээ өтө суук эле.



Before you can install apertium-kaz-kir, you will need:

The easiest way to get all this is to use Prerequisites for Debian.


The main respository to check out is:

You'll also want:

To compile[edit]

The first time you compile the language pair, you will need to run in the individual language modules, and compile each of those before configuring and compiling the pair.

apertium-kaz$ ./; make
apertium-kir$ ./; make
apertium-kaz-kir$ ./ --with-lang1=../../languages/apertium-kaz \
apertium-kaz-kir$ make

After this is done, you shouldn't need to configure anything (i.e., run again. If you update a language module, you will need to run make there before running make in the language pair.

Files and development[edit]

Current to-do list and GSoC Workplan are available.

To edit the monolingual dictionaries, please edit the individual language modules (apertium-kaz and apertium-kir). NOTE: The monolingual dictionaries (.lexc and .twol files) and disambiguation rules (.rlx files) are no longer kept in the bilingual module, and so the update-morphs.bash script is no longer necessary.

The main dictionary file is apertium-kaz-kir.kaz-kir.dix, lexical selection is in the .lrx file, and transfer rules are in the .t1x and .t2x files.

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