Ideas for Google Summer of Code/Integration and debugging tools for Grammatical Framework

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The objective of this task is to create a suite of tools for Grammatical Framework (GF) to facilitate interoperability with Apertium and other tools. Grammatical Framework has a ton of resources, but people familiar with Apertium may find the way of using them a bit alien. The idea of this task is to make some tools for GF to make it more easily pick-uppable for Apertium developers and users.


  • Morphological analyser
    • Input: Text stream, PGF grammar file
    • Output: Tokenised and morphologically analysed text
  • Disambiguator
    • Input: Morphologically analysed text, PGF grammar file
    • Output: The analysed text without the analyses not found in the parse trees below a certain probability threshold (n-best). e.g. 1-best would have only the morphological analyses which are found in the 1-best parse tree.
  • Lexicon expander
    • Input:
    • Output: Full form list with surface forms and lexical forms
  • Lexical selection
    • Input: ?
    • Output: ?

Coding challenge[edit]

  • Install Grammatical Framework
  • Install Apertium
  • Write a program using Haskell or C to retrieve the morphological analysis of a word from the PGF library and print it out in Apertium format. (Build the library from source; the one on hackage has a few incompatible files).

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