Using Apertium spellers with LibreOffice-Voikko on Debian

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How to install libreoffice-voikko on Ubuntu/Debian

Install requirements

Install requirements from apt

sudo apt-get install libreoffice python3 git make sed findutils zip unzip pkg-config gettext \
libxml++2.6-dev libarchive-dev zlib1g-dev unzip automake autoconf libtool flex bison g++ libreadline-dev hfst

Install Prerequisites

1/25/2016 Note: The compiling from source method isn't working and apt is the recommeded way. In the compiling way, Kazakh module isn't detected by libreoffice, but the apt way is working. The problem is in libvoikko and libreoffice-voikko after compilation

Setup for Projectjj repo and debian repo users

If you are a Projectjj repo user then some of depedencies can be installed this way. Otherwise if things don't work for you, you can head over to next section.

Install using apt-get from the projectjj repo and debian repo

sudo apt-get install hfst-ospell hfst-ospell-dev libvoikko-dev libvoikko1v5 voikko-fi

If not using Projectjj then compile

Install hfst-ospell

tar xvf hfstospell-0.4.0.tar.gz
cd hfstospell-0.4.0
./configure --enable-zhfst
sudo make install

Install libvoikko

tar xvf libvoikko-4.0.tar.gz
cd libvoikko-4.0
./configure --prefix=~/.voikko --with-dictionary-path=~/.voikko --enable-hfst; make
sudo make install

Install voikko-fi

tar xvf voikko-fi-2.0.tar.gz
cd voikko-fi-2.0
PATH=/usr/local/voikko/bin:$PATH make vvfst
sudo make vvfst-install DESTDIR=/usr/local/voikkodict

Install language module

A language module supporting spelling may be installed, either from the projectjj repository, or by compiling it manually. Examples of both are provided that use the apertium-kaz module (Kazakh).

From Projectjj repo

  • Install the Kazakh module using apt-get from Projectjj repo.
sudo apt-get install apertium-kaz

Copy the language module to directory

cp /usr/share/apertium/apertium-kaz/kaz.zhfst ~/.voikko/3/kk.zhfst

Or compile it

  • Install Prerequisites

Please go to Minimal installation from SVN to install a language pair.

  • To install Kazakh language module, first get it
svn co
cd apertium-kaz
./ --enable-ospell && make

Copy the language module to directory

cp kaz.zhfst ~/voikko/3/kk.zhfst

Test The spelling module

echo "қазақша билмеймін" | tr ' ' '\n' | voikkospell -d kk -s

The output should be:

C: қазақша
W: билмеймін
S: билеймін
S: білмеймін
S: билемеймін
S: бөлмеймін
S: билемейміз

Install LibreOffice-Voikko

Install from Debian repo

Install using apt-get

sudo apt-get install libreoffice-voikko

Or the compiling way

Get it

git clone

Change Directory and Compile

cd libreoffice-voikko/
make oxt

Add the extension:

  • Open LibreOffice
  • Goto Tools>Extension Manager
  • Click on the Add button
  • Browse to libreoffice-voikko>build
  • Open voikko.oxt

Extension Manager.png

  • Goto Tools>Options
  • Open Language Settings>Writing Aids
  • Click on Edit at the right side of Available modules section
  • Change Language to Kazakh

Note:- Make sure no other spellers for the language are activated, such as hunspell.

  • Click Ok.
  • Close the Options dialog box.

Configuring Extension.png

Test your installation

  • Click on the fourth tab in status bar to change language
  • Click More.. and Select Kazakh


  • Goto Tools>Options>Language
  • Choose Kazakh
  • Click Ok
  • Type қазақша билмеймін
  • A red wavy line will appear on билмеймін,meaning it's misspelled
  • To get correct suggestions, Right click on the mistaken word and suggestions will appear in context menu.



If there is any other problem, you can contact me or Apertium community members.