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Hallo! I am making myself known to the community because I am building a model for translating my English texts into German. I might also say that I had begun befor reading of the "apertium" project. If there are any members of the community who are working on models translating from the same source and to the same target I would like to have contact with them. Up until recently I have been working on a PC using MS-Win-XP as the operating system. I have now begun to work in parallel on a notebook running under Linux-Ubuntu. So if there are any community members doing similar Lets get talking. What I miss on Linux is the simplicity of a CSV capable editor to create tables. Can anyone recommend such to me? A second need I have is for a text editor that has the ability to markup text using "clips" as the markup elements. This will tell you that my model uses segmentation and markup to create translatable phrases from sentences. I also have a notation scheme for describing the tagging of phrases. If anyone is interesed, then he or she should contact me. Regards, forkinpm.

Hi, for tables, under GNU/Linux I would recommend either Gnumeric or Oocalc. Gnumeric is lightweight and has some nice features. I don't know what "clips" is. If you are thinking of making your own system, I would recommend popping by the apertium IRC channel to discuss it. - Francis Tyers 10:52, 27 July 2010 (UTC)