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I am Kevin Brubeck Unhammer.

In Apertium, I work on

I've studied computational linguistics / NLP at the University of Bergen, developed grammar checkers and Norwegian WordNets for Kaldera språkteknologi AS, and worked on Saami grammar checking, machine translation and corpus crawling for the University of Tromsø.

Me on the web:

I have an Apertium /wishlist.

♪ Unhaaamer Unhaaamer, He beat the Hun by luck.

Unhaaamer Unhaaamer, he's smarter than a duck ♪


They've a temper, some of them—particularly verbs: they're the proudest
—adjectives you can do anything with, but not verbs—however, I can
manage the whole lot of them! Impenetrability! That's what I say!
— Humpty Dumpty

<Unhammer> Every time I start working on a new Apertium lang. pair, I get water damage in my apartment.
<spectie> Unhammer, are you sure you want to start working on ht-en
<spectie> what with your precarious plumbing situation ?
<Unhammer> back to sme-nob, hopefully averting more water damage
<Claude_Royet-Journoud> Une liste d'infinitifs prolonge l'accident.
  <miri> now the internet is back
  <miri> but there's no water in my building
  <miri> I hope there is no correlation ;)

<Unhammer>  [-#Ipmil-] {+Ipmil+}
<Unhammer> blasphemy

the warm soft short pants of the quick-scribbler: the vocative lapse from which it begins and the accusative hole in which it ends itself

– JJ

There are a number of languages spoken by human beings in this world.

– Harald Tveit Alvestrand, in RFC 1766, "Tags for the Identification of Languages"

IRC looks much better with some rage.

Er man nihilistisk nok, kunne man også ta det uskyldigste av alle ord, infinitivsmerket, og misbruke og skjende det på denne måte: Det begynte «å» regne. Kan man se på verden med mindre begeistring?


Compounding is fun[edit]

   lemurtvillingene: lem|urt|villingene
   nyrestaurert: nyre|staur|ert
   angrepsoppstillinger: angrep|sopp|stillinger
   snusleverandør: snus|leve|rand|ør
   $ echo bildreportagen |apertium -d . swe-dan
   billede #rids mugmide tagene

   $ echo nannannannannan|apertium -d . nno-nob-morph

   $ echo fornybart|apertium -d . nob-dan

Let's try compounding on verb+noun:

   $ echo regionspresident | apertium -d . nob-nno_e
   region spreie seie dent


   $ echo forringelse | apertium -d . nob-nno_e
   for ringel sjå


   $ echo autoritært|lt-proc -we nob-dan.automorf.bin