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Abinash Senapati

Hi I am Abinash, a final year undergraduate in the department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. I was a Google Summer of Code student for Apertium over the summer of 2018 and primarily worked on lttoolbox and apertium-core. My project involved extending the capability of performing morphographemics and adding lexical weights to the lttoolbox transducer in order to enable more complex translations with the transducer.

Project Title

Extend lttoolbox to have the power of HFST

GSoC Blog

Public Profiles

GitHub: Techievena
GitLab: Techievena
IRC nick: Techievena
Apertium wiki: Techievena


Francis Tyers and Tommi Pirinen


tarball: Download
zip: Download

Link to commits and repositories I have worked on

Extend lttoolbox to have the power of HFST

Work Done


Work to be done