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Hi, I'm Sushain Cherivirala. I'm not a linguist but I find the Apertium environment/people fun to work with.

I participated in GCI 2012, mostly developing some web scrapers and writing that guide.

During GCI 2013, I worked on Apertium APY by adding support for language detection, analysis, generation, localized language names and porting it to Tornado. I also developed our web concordancer and the html-tools interface currently deployed on and The html-tools interface supports translation, generation, analysis, and a sandbox, runs on APY and is fully localizable. It also needs a proper wikipage...

I served as a mentor in GCI 2015 and 2016 as well as helped with GSoC 2016/2017.

I usually hang around on IRC helping out with/upgrading APY or html-tools. As time permits, I try to work on the stem counter bot that automagically updates stats pages for languages by using dixcounter and lexccounter, modules for begiak and the wiki scripts that generate the existing pair table, vulnerability table, and sample tables featured on language family pages.