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I'm a Computer Science student from France. This year, I did both an engineering degree (ENSIMAG) and a Master of C.S. spec. in Artificial Intelligence and Web. I am currently doing my Master's research internship at National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo on Inductive Logic Programming applied to biology systems.

Basic pruning[edit]

Needed files:

  • (in apertium-combine/scripts/)
  • (in apertium-combine/scripts/)
  • (in apertium-combine/pruning/)
  • your lowercased corpus (see here)
python lowercase.en

then use this "lowercase.rep.en" and "" for the following of the phrase-table building (see below, Workflow for building a phrase-table)

sh phrase-table

while having set the "exe" inside the script to the good path to your compiled (g++ -O3 apertium-combine/pruning/

Workflow for building a phrase-table[edit]

 snippy:moses snippy$ python work/corpus/30k.lowercased.en work/corpus/ 
 snippy:moses snippy$ -i work/corpus/30k.lowercased.rep.en -n 3 -o work/lm/30k-en.ilm.gz
 snippy:moses snippy$ compile-lm work/lm/30k-en.ilm.gz --text yes work/lm/30k-en.lm
 snippy:moses snippy$ rm work/model/*
 snippy:moses snippy$ nohup nice tools/moses-scripts/scripts-20090409-0149/training/train-factored-phrase-model.perl \ 
-scripts-root-dir tools/moses-scripts/scripts-20090409-0149/ -root-dir work -corpus work/corpus/30k.lowercased.rep -f cy \
-e en -alignment grow-diag-final-and -reordering msd-bidirectional-fe -lm 0:3:/Users/snippy/moses/work/lm/30k-en.lm >& work/training.out &
 snippy:moses snippy$ rm -rf work/tuning/mert/filtered/
 snippy:moses snippy$ nohup nice tools/moses-scripts/scripts-20090409-0149/training/ work/tuning/ \
work/tuning/100.lowercased.en tools/moses/moses-cmd/src/moses work/model/moses.ini --working-dir work/tuning/mert \
--rootdir /Users/snippy/moses/tools/moses-scripts/scripts-20090409-0149/ --decoder-flags "-v 0" >& work/tuning/mert.out &