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For the work done at Progress regarding Automatic_blank_handling

Tasks done


All the pretransfer tests pass here.


All the tests mentioned in passes with the updated transfer module.


  • Here removing "pos=1" from a "<b>" still outputs the right inline blank: This is because If given a "freeblank" which is between chunks and not a wordbound/inline blank so we need to treat it differently. let's say for example we have "^SN<sg>{^cheese<n>$}$🍰^SN<sg>{^sale<n>$}$" as an input. and the rule matches those two chunks and has an action " <out> <chunk pos="1" part="whole"/> <b/> <chunk pos="2" part="whole"/> </out> " so if here we treat "<b/>" as just a space then we'll loose "🍰" which won't give much good feel to our users. So to retain this in the output we handled the freeblanks between chunks.
  • Interchunk was needed to ignore the "pos" argument to b elements, and output each superblank exactly once, preferably where the rule has a b element (if there are not enough b's, output the rest at the end of the rule). Here in this module we didn't deal with wordblanks, since we can't look inside chunks when in interchunk.
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All tests mentioned in passes with the updated interchunk module.