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About Me

Ever since i entered teenage, software development has been my passion. I still remember sitting infront of my laptop and coding "Hello Shrey" for the first time in C and getting the output on the blank screen gave me goosebumps.So in my middle school i learned C through books and making projects and then proceeded towards C++ in high school and made more advanced projects. I was insatiable

The passion carried me through my education in engineering and majoring in Information Technology.Here there were more opportunity and resources available to me to improve my skills to be somewhat ready for the Tech industry and to test my skills i did a summer tech internship after the freshman year and learnt what industry needs for me and what i have to improve on and the passion incresed more towards the field.

And this mad passion doesnt let me move backwards and omits procastination towards work and its calling me to work more and more in this beautiful industry.