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Personal Details

IRC: shrey1608
Timezone: GMT+5.30hrs

About Me

Ever since i entered teenage, software development has been my passion. I still remember sitting in front of my laptop and coding "Hello Shrey" for the first time in C and getting the output on the blank screen gave me goosebumps.So in my middle school i learned C through books and making projects and then proceeded towards C++ in high school and made more advanced projects. I was insatiable

The passion carried me through my education in engineering and majoring in Information Technology.Here there were more opportunities and resources available to me to improve my skills to be somewhat ready for the Tech industry and also to contribute in opensource for that i did a summer tech internship after the freshman year and started to do contributions on GitHub and learnt what industry needs for me and what i have to improve on and the passion increased more towards the field.

And this mad passion doesn't let me move backwards and omits procrastination towards work and its calling me to work more and more in this beautiful industry and to provide contributions for its improvement.

Why is it that I am interested in Apertium?

Apertium being an open source offers people to contribute something meaningful to their culture.Following the principles of preserving culture and heritage through language, Apertium connects both ancient and modern through advances in machine translation platforms.

Coming from a land where over 19500 languages are spoken Language Translation plays an important role out here.Meeting different people with different language makes it difficult to communicate but it is overcome'd by the translation tool but isn't overcome'd by other translation tools while apertium takes care of the minority languages which is ignored by others which is one the reason i got attracted towards Apertium to give it a coverage of as many languages as possible.

The other one is that many translation software's are just available online while apertium is available in both modes online as well as offline. Internet access is not available to everyone and everywhere around the world so this results in an advantage to Apertium over others.

Which of the published tasks are you interested in? What do you plan to do?

I am interested for the task “Improvements to Apertium Website”. The changes i plan to make in the apertium websites are: • Improving Detection of languages.
• Adding dictionary lookup mode.
• Making better GUI.
• Providing a feedback feature for the users and providing that data to the apertium team.
• Improving apertiums's API (apy-py).
• Making 'Did You Mean' style if people choose an unlikely source language.
• Add a mode that colors the resulting translation depending on how reliable it is.

This Features will be Helpful to both the Apertium users and the Apertium Team

My Proposal

Reasons why Google and Apertium should sponsor it?

I am currently pursuing my Bachelors degree in Information Technology. Participation in GSoC will for sure be a great step towards becoming a better developer,contributor and a programmer. The project will give me the chance to read, understand and implement the ideas mentioned in different publications. This will be a great experience and will help me acquire new and necessary skills.By being accepted and successful in GSoC program, it would make a huge impact on my CV and hence my career. The stipend and the opportunity to have a job interview with google are huge benefits to a fresh graduate student like me.

How and who will it benefit in society ?

People speaking minority languages or majority languages are included in apertium which will help them to learn ,communicate as well as speak different language through language translation , people who want to know what written language it is can know through the language detection feature , people who cant read documents in different languages will be able to translate it to their known language through document translation feature and the people who want to translate the entire web page can translate it through apertium. so a lot of people will get benefited through this improvement and the user base of apertium would also increase and also people who want to contribute a language pair of their language can also do easily increasing apertium's language coverage.

Work Plan


Week 1

(From April 1 - To April 7)

Discuss more about the project with the mentors.
Solve some issues and do PR's on GitHub.

Week 2

(From April 8 - To April 15)

Discuss with mentors some of the thoughts and ideas proposed in the documentation.
Modify the documentation to reflect the new refactored code.
Solve some issues and do PR's on GitHub.

Week 3

(From April 16 - To April 23)

Detailed view of the apertium API (apy-py)
Solve some issues and do PR's on GitHub.

Week 4

(From April 24 - To May 1)

Detailed view of Html,css,Bootstrap and js scripts in the Html tools
Solve some issues and do PR's on GitHub.


Pr's to the issues out there.
Understanding apertium in a more detailed way.

Community Bonding

Community Bonding

(From 4th May to 30th May)

Ask The mentor about 'IMPORTANT' information and improvements.
Inspect the python and web scripts.
Get used to Tornado Framework.

First milestone

Week 1

(From June 1 - To June 8)

• Discussing Language Detection feature.
• Developing Language Detection feature.

Week 2

(From June 8 - To June 15)

•Language detection: "did you mean" function if someone chooses unlikely language.

Week 3

(From June 15 - To June 22)

• Discussion of "Dictionary lookup" mode.
• Back-end Development of "Dictionary lookup" mode.
• Ranking Algorithm Development of "Dictionary lookup" mode.

Week 4

(From June 22 - To June 29)

• Discussion of "Dictionary lookup" mode.
• Front-end Development of "Dictionary lookup" mode.
• Continue coding, testing and debugging of "Dictionary lookup" mode.


(From June 29 - To July 3)

• Submitting report of :

 o Language detection feature and Dictionary lookup feature.
 o Bugs found during the process.

• Taking suggestions from mentors.

Second milestone

Week 5

(From July 3 - To July 10)

• Discussion of Feedback feature.
• Development of Feedback feature.

Week 6

(From July 10 - To July 17)

• Discussion on translation color:how reliable translation is.
• Algorithm of translation color:how reliable translation is.
• Development of translation color:how reliable The translation is.

Week 7

(From July 17 - To July 24)

• Bug fixing and testing of translation color.
• Documentation on translation color.

Week 8

(From July 24 - To July 31)

• Improving the GUI.


• Submitting report of :

 o Feedback feature and Translation color feature
 o Bugs found during the process.

• Taking suggestions from mentors.

Third milestone

Week 9

(From July 31st - To August 7)

• Finishing the remaining GUI work.
• Solving problem of website translation.

Week 10

(From August 7 - To August 14)

• Solving Document Translation problem.
• solving instant Translation problem.

Week 11

(From August 14 - To August 21)

• Bug fix and documentation.
• completing the changes shown by the mentors.

Week 12

(From August 21 - To August 28)

• Bug fix and documentation.


(From August 28 - To August 31)

• Doing the final documentation.
• reviewing all the work done.
• Showing the final Copy to the mentors.
• Final Evaluation.

Education and Experience

Other Plans Besides GSOC

Due to COVID-19 my summer internship has been cancelled and my all focus will be on GSOC and i would be able to put in my 40+ hours into it. So i have NO OTHER PLANS except doing GSOC work.