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I come from Ne wikipedia Rajesh Pandey
  • I am more interested in translating documents from other languages to Nepali. The source language might be anything but the target language is Nepali.
  • I chose Hindi->Nepali machine language pair because of the similarities between the languages. Bhojpuri might also be similar but Hindi might be better choice because it is supported by Google as well.

Most projects have English listed in them, but its time consuming to translate from English to Nepali whereas its faster to translate from Hindi to Nepali.

Hence the language pair Hindi=>Nepali.

I have got satisfactory success in Hindi->Nepali machine translation using Nepali Wikipedia Translator.

Later I came to know about apertium in 2011

I have installed apertium and I am a noob as of today :) and I am playing around apertium to see how things work.

--RajeshPandey 11:48, 27 August 2011 (UTC)