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'''Partial Parser''' < /br>
'''Partial Parser''' <br />
A partial parser is a 'semi-deterministic'
A partial parser is a 'semi-deterministic'

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Implementation of n-Stage Transfer

A proposal for Google Summer of Code 2009

Pranava Swaroop, March 2009


Partial parsing technique tries to grasp the syntactic information reliably and efficiently without digging deep into the analysis. The technique is tested for its robustness and speed. It is basically controlled by a cascade of finite-state automata which consists of a pipeline of recognizers. There have been several implementations of partial parsing including Cass - a fast, robust partial parser, Mirine 2.2 - a Korean grammar-checker and APOLN - a partial parser of unrestricted natural language sentences. These implementations (especially the latter) have shown that partial parsers can be used to resolve treatment of less related languages. Therefore its implementation would be quite beneficial for Apertium. This document describes a novel implementation of the partial parser which would improve the treatment of less related languages and allow for more complex verb movement and proposes the funding of the project through Google Summer of Code 2009 program as a part of Apertium.


Partial Parser
A partial parser is a 'semi-deterministic'