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Progress on [[https://wiki.apertium.org/wiki/User:Pmodi/GSOC_2020_proposal:_Hindi-Punjabi]]
Progress on [https://wiki.apertium.org/wiki/User:Pmodi/GSOC_2020_proposal:_Hindi-Punjabi]
==Current task(Community bonding Week 1)==
==Current task(Community bonding Week 1)==

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Progress on [1]

Current task(Community bonding Week 1)

Finalising Frequency lists & Learning Persian script

  • DONE - Frequency lists using WikiExtractor on latest dump.
  • DONE - Read wiki on generating freq lists and monolingual building dictionaries.
  • IN PROGRESS - Finish scraping more texts and merge results with the current freq. list.
  • IN PROGRESS - Practicing basic understanding of Persian script.

TODO(Next week - Community Bonding Week 2)

  • Fix bidirectional translation i.e. pan->hin
  • Fix transfer rules for postpositions.
  • Start work on function words addition to dictionary.