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Contact Details

Name: Priyank Modi

E-mail address:

IRC: pmodi

GitHub: priyankmodiPM

LinkedIn: priyank-modi

Website: priyank-modi

Current Designation: Undergraduate Researcher in the LTRC Lab, IIIT Hyderabad (3rd year student), Teaching Assistant for Linguistics courses

Time Zone: GMT+5:30

About Me

I like to sketch. Getting more experienced at digital art with each passing day. Always up for freelance projects. Also love discovering new music and God, SLEEPING!!!


1: Hindi TimeBank: An ISO-TimeML Annotated Reference Corpus: [1]

Google Summer of Code 2020

Proposal: Developing apertium-hin-pan and apertium-pan-hin (Hindi-Punjabi): User:Pmodi/GSOC_2020_proposal:_Hindi-Punjabi

Progress: User:Pmodi/GSOC_2020_proposal:_Hindi-Punjabi/progress