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Google Summer of Code 2021 Progress Report- A Reworked Apertium Browser Plugin

Community Bonding Period (May 17 - June 7)

Planned Work

  • Understand better how the Apertium API works
  • Identify parts of the Geriaoueg extension that still work
  • Check Source Code of similar extensions
  • Design tests, experiments and evaluation procedures for an extension (which sites it should be able to read, etc.)
  • Write a workflow diagram of the improved extension, what background processes it will have and what permissions it will need


I've gone through the Apertium Apy code and built it from source. The parts that I need are outlined in the initial proposal and I don't feel I need to add anything more. As for the Geriaoueg extension, given how outdated it is, it's better to build a new one from scratch with web-ext than to use parts of it.

As for other extensions, I've been looking at [OnHover Translate with Google Translate] for inspiration regarding layout and background processes. I also believe it's best not to copy the exact method they've used there and opt for a normal popup.html instead of a element created with JavaScript on the page itself.