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GSOC 2019 : Light alternative format for all XML files in an Apertium language pair[1]

Personal Details

General Summary

I am Omar Kassem, a senior Computer Engineering Student. I am currently living in Alexandria, Egypt, and I intend to study masters abroad after finishing my undergraduate study. I have some research machine learning and deep learning, and I am currently working on my Graduation Project which is a Deep Learning problem called Visual Question Answering. Last year I started learning more about NLP and I found it interesting. I am currently working on solving a challenge offered by GoogleAI about Gendered Pronoun Resolution which is part of coreference resolution, the task of pairing an expression to its referring entity. This is an important task for natural language.


Email :
LinkedIn :
IRC : OmarKassem
Github :
Time zone : GMT+2


I am a senior bachelor student at Alexandria University in Egypt. Recently I have been granted a scholarship to study masters in data science at Innopolis University in Russia.
My undergraduate major is computer engineering, which exposed me to almost everything in computers from the lowest level of zeros and ones to the highest level of HCI (human and computer interaction, mainly deals with user interface).
The subjects I loved the most were artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining and deep learning, and that's because of the great potential in the AI field that already solved and could solve many of the problems humans face today.

Last Year GSoC

I then applied to classical language tool-kit project (cltk)[2] to enhance Arabic support and adding new functionalities (e.g. Word segmenter, Lemmatization, Part-of-speech tagging, etc.) and that was my proposal[3] but Unfortunately I wasn't accepted in the program. This year I applied only for this one task.



Last summer I was a IOS developer intern in InovaEg(company here in Alex). I was working on adding new features for Ummahlink IOS app using Swift programming language.

Online courses

I had taken many online courses in many of the computer engineering tracks. The most remarkable course I finished was udacity's machine-learning nano-degree which is a six-months program and this is the Certificate[4]. In this program I mastered Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement, and Deep Learning fundamentals.

Why interested in apertium ?

As I started being interested in NLP, the best way to explore more and learn in this field is the open source. As in the open source, people from different regions/places contribute and which is the heart of a good machine translation system. Apertium is the best open source project that I have found in the field which is easy to understand and contribute and have very active and supporting contributors.

Project Idea

Coding Challenge

Why google and apertium should sponsor it ?

How and who will it benefit in society ?

Work plan



Week 1

(From April 5 - To April 11)

Week 2

(From April 12 - To May 18)


First milestone

Week 1

(From April 19 - To April 25)

Week 2

(From April 26 - To May 2)

Week 3

(From May 3 - To May 9)

Week 4

(From May 10 - To May 16)


Week 5

(From June 21 - To June 28)

Second milestone

Week 5

(From June 28 - To July 4)

Week 6

(From July 5 - To July 11)

Week 7

(From July 12 - To July 18)

Week 8

(From July 19 - To July 25)


Third milestone

Week 9

(From July 26 - To August 1)

Week 10

(From August 2 - To August 8)

Week 11

(From August 9 - To August 15)

Week 12

(From August 16 - To August 19)


Other summer plans