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I'm interested in English and Italian. This page is structured as a stub of GSoC application because I thought of applying for it in 2014, but I won't because [1] (Nikerabbit prefers me to be primary/official mentor of a MediaWiki GSoC project, as I had previously promised).


Federico Leva
E-mail address
Other information that may be useful to contact you
Email is a safe bet with me (unless it bounced back to you, of course): if it was clear I had to reply or act on it, then it's in the queue. I enable email notifications for all wikis where it's possible, so you also have a few hundreds talk pages available depending on the topic.
Why is it you are interested in machine translation? 
Because I'm interested in language and i18n/l10n and I'm working on it since 2005 or so. I'm's "pokemaster" (as Nikerabbit called me once) and I'm active as MediaZilla: triager (in all-time top 10 for some activity metrics) as well as some i18n code tweaking. Plus other Wikimedia stuff you can find by following links from my user page, too much to list. Machine translation has always been a hot topic in Wikimedia.
Why is it that you are interested in the Apertium project? 
I first met it on around 2009–2010 I guess; my interest was revived when Niklas followed a course on it by Francis Tyers and Tommi Pirinen in 2013 (On course to machine translation).
undergraduate, maths at