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The lexical selection module selects the right sentence in the context, based on lexical selection rules, from the multiple(ambiguous) sentences output by the transfer module. These rules can be written manually or inferred automatically by training on a corpus. But, the training process is a bit tedious with various tools like irstlm, fast-align, moses, etc, and various scripts like extract-sentences, extract-freq-lexicon, process-tagger-output, etc, involved, which require a lot of manual configs.
The goal of this project is to make this as simple and automated as possible with little involvement of the user. In a nutshell, there should be a single config file and the user does the entire training using a driver script. Finally, design regression tests on the driver script so that it works in the face of updates to the third-party tools. Also, train on different corpora and add lexical selection rules to the languages which have few to no lexical selection rules, thereby improving the quality of translation