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Webpage Translation mode

An interface that lets the user to input a URL, choose a source and a destination language and translate the webpage.






URL Function Parameters Output
/translatePage Translates a webpage
  • langpair: language pair to use for translation
  • url: url of webpage that has to be translated
Returns the translated webpage
curl -Ss 'http://localhost:2737/translatePage?langpair=eng|spa&url='



ENABLED_MODES: an array of the enabled interfaces, a non-empty subset of ['translation', 'analyzation', 'generation', 'sandbox', 'lookup']

  • translation lookup turns on webpage translation mode.

Future Work

1. The screenshot of the current state of interface can be found here. 2. The interface is pretty much functional. However, one of the tasks that would be involved in the future work is making use of a form handler while submitting the URL links for translation.