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Personal Information

Name: Memduh Gökırmak

Email address:

Why is it you are interested in machine translation?

The study of natural language processing is fascinating to me, and machine learning is a remarkably practical application of this field readily usable by and appealing to most of the world.

Why is it that you are interested in Apertium?

Rule-based machine translation facilitates the automatic translation of languages that suffer from scarcity of resources, and so makes it possible to work with interesting languages from Kalmyk to Zazaki. The open sourced nature of Apertium and the energy and communication of the community are also particularly appealing to me.

Which of the published tasks are you interested in? What do you plan to do?

I plan to adopt the Kurmanji-English language pair.

Who will it benefit in society, and how?

Due to the history and politics of the region, many descendants of Kurmanji-speaking families have not been able to learn Kurmanji to any degree of fluency, and the development of translation resources can be an immense help for the many people trying to learn this language. As efforts to learn Kurmanji become more widespread, Kurmanji content is also produced at an increasingly rapid rate. There is little work done in the machine translation of Kurmanji, and the development of this language pair will be a beneficial step for the field of NLP to embrace the study of this language.

Plans and Availability