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I am working at my bachelor's thesis till the end of may, after that no other plans.
I am working at my bachelor's thesis till the end of may, after that no other plans.
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Contact information

Name: Maria Sheyanova
E-mail: masha.shejanova@gmail.com
IRC: maryszmary
SourceForge: maryszmary
Phone number: +79169223114
Timezone: UTC+3

Why is it that you are interested in the Apertium project?

I have participated in GSoC 2016 with Apertium, which made me involved in this project. ...

Which of the published tasks are you interested in? What do you plan to do?

I am planning to work on UD-annotatrix. This will include making a user-friendly offline interface, which would enable linguists to make syntactic annotation.

Reasons why Google and Apertium should sponsor it

Currently ...

A description of how and who it will benefit in society

The result of this work is going to be useful for linguists who deal with dependency annotation.

Field of work and available resources

Apertium has a web-interface for visualising syntactic trees written in Java-Script and HTML. The main idea of this project is to

Work plan


post application period

  • Understanding the architecture of the existing project
  • Improving my knowledge of Java-Script

community bonding period

  • Closer examination and evaluation of the tools that can be used:
    • blah;
    • blah blah blah ;
  • Thinking more about the architecture of the app

work period

  • 1st month: qwerty
  • 2nd month:
  • 3rd month:


week 1: write scripts to get missing words for the Polish dictionary (using mostly wikisłownik and PWN, but maybe also some downloadable dictionaries)
weeks 2-3: write scripts to get translations for the bilingual dictionary (using mostly wikisłownik and online websites)
week 4: check the completeness of the dictionaries (I think I can use Russian and Polish corpora for that)
Deliverable #1
week 5-6: write the lexical choise (consider generating them automatically using corpora I have access to)
week 7: estimate the validity of the rules
week 8: start writing the transfer rules
27 June: midterm evaluations deadline
Deliverable #2
week 9-10: write the transfer rules
week 11: evaluating, testing
week 12: clean up the code, last fixes, writing documentation
Project completed: a language pair of release quality or close to it

List your skills and give evidence of your qualifications

I'm a 4th year bachelor student of Linguistic Faculty in NRU HSE (Russia).
Programming skills: Python, Bash, R, Java-Script.
Other computer skills: HTML, XML, CSS.
Languages: Russian (native), Polish, English, German, basic knowledge of Indonesian.

As a part of the coding challenge, I’ve fixed the #18 issue on the project's github.

List any non-Summer-of-Code plans you have for the Summer

I am working at my bachelor's thesis till the end of may, after that no other plans.