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This page will follow the development of word bound blanks in the apertium stream format.


Transfer (Pull Request)

- Wordbound blanks are a part of transfer word as a new side: blank. - Are ignored in pattern matching - Wordbound blanks are added just before the output LU from the LU that the lem/lemh is clipped from. - If the lem/lemh comes from a variable in the output then the balnk come from the LU which the lemma comes from, by tracing its variable assignment in <let>. - No regression. Stream without wordbound blanks work as-is. - Normal blanks don't move around while wordbound blanks move around.


Wordbound blanks will store information about a lexical unit that can help us with several applications where we want to send information through the pipeline but this information can't be sent as tags because it would break the FST matching in the modules.


Wordbound blanks will be denoted by double square brackets and will always appear right before a Lexical Unit.



Markup Handling

Working Examples

Transfer Input:
^The<det><def><sp>/El<det><def><GD><ND>$ [[tbqum2bhp]]^big<adj><sint>/grande<adj><mf>$ [[t:b:qum2bhp; t:i:M0JZW3Q]]^red<adj>/rojo<adj>$ ^dog<n><sg>/perro<n><GD><sg>$[

Transfer Output:
^El<det><def><m><sg>$ ^perro<n><m><sg>$ [[t:b:qum2bhp; t:i:M0JZW3Q]]^rojo<adj><m><sg>$ [[tbqum2bhp]]^grande<adj><mf><sg>$[

Examples that should work

$ echo 'legal <b>persons</b>' | apertium en-es -f html
Personas <b>legales</b>

<b>Personas</b> legales

$ echo 'I <b>am</b> David' | apertium en-es -f html
Soy</b> David

<b>Soy</b> David
Spanish: <p>Es <s>además</s> de Valencia.</p>
Catalan: <p>És <s>a més</s> de València.</p>
<p>Bees <b>cannot</b> swim</p>
<p>Las Abejas <b>no pueden</b> nadar</p>
<a href="Conway">Conway</a> stated that young <a href="children">children</a>
<i>“understand <a href="Object_permanence">object permanence</a>.
<a href="Concealment">Concealed</a> <a href="Object">objects</a> feature in
their awareness.”</i><span typeof="mw:Extension/ref"><a href="#ref-5">[5]</a></span>
<b>(<a href="Nielsen">Nielsen</a> equivalence).</b>
<p><b><i>my sister</i><br/>lives</b> <u>in Wales</u></p>
<a id="foobar" href="">Foo <b>bar</b>.</a>

Ideal Output:
<a id="foobar" href=""><b>Бар</b> фоо.</a>
<b>The</b> <i>sister</i>'s <em>dog</em>

From [[1]]

source: '<p>A <b>Japanese</b> <i>BBC</i> article</p>',
target: '<p>Un artículo de <i>BBC</i> <b>japonés</b></p>',

source: '<div>A <b>modern</b> Britain.</div>',
target: '<div>Una Gran Bretaña <b>moderna</b>.</div>',

source: '<p>The <b>big <i>red</i></b> dog</p>',
target: '<p>El perro <b><i>rojo</i></b> <b>grande</b></p>',

source: '<p>He said "<i>I tile <a href="x">bathrooms</a>.</i>"</p>',
target: '<p>Diga que "<i>enladrillo</i> <i><a href="x">baños</a></i>."</p>',

source: '<p>The <b>big red</b> dog</p>',
target: '<p>El perro <b>rojo grande</b></p>',

source: '<p>The <b>big</b> <b>red</b> dog</p>',
target: '<p>El perro <b>rojo</b> <b>grande</b></p>',

source: '<p>The <a href="1">big</a> <a href="2">red</a> dog</p>',
target: '<p>El perro <a href="2">rojo</a> <a href="1">grande</a></p>',
source: '<p id="8"><span class="cx-segment" data-segmentid="9"><a class="cx-link" data-linkid="17" href="./The_New_York_Times" rel="mw:WikiLink" title="The New York Times">The New York Times</a>, which has an <b>executive editor</b> over the news pages and an <b>editorial page editor</b> over opinion pages.</span></p>',
target: '<p id="8"><span data-segmentid="9" class="cx-segment"><a title="The New York Times" rel="mw:WikiLink" href="./The_New_York_Times" data-linkid="17" class="cx-link">The New York Times</a>, el cual tiene un <b>editor ejecutivo</b> sobre las páginas noticiosas y un <b>editor de página del editorial</b> encima páginas de opinión.</span></p>',

# Tino says: There's no text. This would never even reach the pipe.
source: '<p id="8"><style>b{color:red;}</style></p>',
target: '<p id="8"><style>b{color:red;}</style></p>',	

Pretransfer Tests:

input: [[<i>]]^a<vblex><pres>+c<po># b$ ^a<vblex><pres>+c<po># b$
output:[[<i>]]^a# b<vblex><pres>$ [[<i>]]^c<po>$ ^a# b<vblex><pres>$ ^c<po>$


The [[t:b:qum2bhp]]big [[t:b:qum2bhp; t:i:M0JZW3Q]]red dog[]

Transfer Input:
^The<det><def><sp>/El<det><def><GD><ND>$ [[t:b:qum2bhp]]^big<adj><sint>/grande<adj><mf>$ [[t:b:qum2bhp; t:i:M0JZW3Q]]^red<adj>/rojo<adj>$ ^dog<n><sg>/perro<n><GD><sg>$

Transfer Output:
^Det_nom_adj_adj<SN><DET><GD><sg>{^el<det><def><3><4>$ [[t:b:qum2bhp]]^perro<n><3><4>$ [[t:b:qum2bhp; t:i:M0JZW3Q]]^rojo<adj><3><4>$ ^grande<adj><mf><4>$}$

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