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Anaphora Resolution in Apertium

For this project , I coded a new module for the Apertium Machine Translation Pipeline. The purpose of this module is to do Anaphora Resolution in the source text so that we can get a better translation output.


I have prepared a verbose documentation for this module which explains what Anaphora Resolution means, it's role in the Apertium pipeline, the algorithm used, how to use the module and how to add the module to a new language pair.

You can find this here: Anaphora Resolution Module

Final Module

Here is the final released version of the Anaphora Module. Follow the instructions in the README to install this module on your system and run it.

Repository of Module:

Work Done during GSoC 2019

The above module is the final version of the Anaphora Resolution module, complete with a build system.

You can refer to the issues to see implementation of features and comments as they were being implemented during GSoC:

During GSoC, this repository was used: (This repository is just to highlight the peripheral work done during GSoC)

Links to Work Done

Code for the module

Main Repository:

Changes made to Apertium Code

To accomodate for the new module in the pipeline.

Pull Request:

Changes made to Apertium Spanish-English Language Pair

To test the new module on the Spanish-English language pair.

Pull Request:

Future Ideas

There are several future ideas to make this module better that I'll be trying my hand on after GSoC.

These are all mentioned in the Issues in the Module Repository: .