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Name: Okonkwo Ifeanyichukwu

Location: Buea, Cameroon

University: University of Buea


IRC: ifeanyi

Timezone:GMT +1


Why is it that you are interested in Apertium?

Which of the published tasks are you interested in? What do you plan to do?


Week 0: Community bonding

               Getting familiar with all the Apertium modules and it’s working. Discussion with mentors and clearing doubts. 
               Also, discussion with other selected members about their ideas in detail. Reading and gathering information about other
               different Machine translation tools.
               Reading and editing the wiki to include small changes for making it more easier for newbies to join Apertium.

First phase

Week 1:

               Performing analysis of Kannada morphology.
               Adding a ton of nouns and adjectives to the Kannada dictionary.
          	Defining paradigms: Extending the dictionary by adding declension to Kannada dictionary(cases).

Week 2:

          	Analysis and generation of those added words.

Week 3:

          	Continue with the work.

Week 4:

          	Testvoc for closed-classes.
          	Preparing for evaluation.

Outcome: Kannada monolingual dictionary takes action.

Second phase

Week 5:

          	Observing the sentence structure of both the languages.
          	Fixing minor issues in Marathi dictionary.

Week 6:

          	Adding words to the bilingual dictionary.

Week 7:

          	Including transfer rules.

Week 8:

               Continue with the work.
               Test translation and prepare for evaluation.

Outcome:Understandable translation between these two languages.

Third phase

Week 9:

          	Disambiguation rules and discourse structure for Kannada. 

Week 10:

          	Constraint grammar and tagger training.

Week 11:

          	Continue with the work. Testing using corpus or newspaper contents.

Week 12:

          	Writing documentation, complete testing and fixing bugs.

Outcome: Hopefully a testvoc clean pair for release.

Final evaluation

Skills and qualifications

Currently I am a second year Computer Engineering undergraduate student
Languages: Ibo(native),English(native), French(Elementary)

None Summer-of-Code for the Summer

As of now I have no other plans and I will make up to it in case If am having any change in my plans. I would be able to spend about 40+ hours a week and maybe even more.