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First name: Filip Last name: Petkovski email: fpetkovski on IRC: #apertium

Why are you interested in machine translation ?

Machine translation can be thought of as one of the greatest challenges in natural language processing. It is the single most useful application of NLP and building a good MT system requires a blend of numerous different techniques from both computer science and linguistics.

Why is it that you are interested in the Apertium project?

Apertium is a great project. It is obvious that a ton of work has been put into both developing the platform and creating the language resources. However, there is always more work to be done and being a part of this project is a perfect opportunity to make a big contribution to society.

Which of the published tasks are you interested in? What do you plan to do?

I'm interested in building a Corpus-based lexicalised feature transfer module which will set tags based on a corpus-generated model.

Work already done

started the apertium-sh-en language pair in incubator.

created a stream-processor for the output of apertium-transfer that read character by character.

created a stream processor for the output of apertium-transfer that removes stop words specified in a dictionary.

Work to do

What do you plan to do?

Skills, qualifications and field of study

Non-GSoC activities